• Packeted wipes

    Packeted wipes

    Packeted wipes ensure the hygiene of cosmetic procedures. Material: spunlace of 40 g/m² density Quantity: 100 pcs Texture: Smooth Grided…

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  • Masks


    The TM Polix PRO&MED's assortment portfolio includes three-layer non-sterile medical masks made of spunbond with rubber with a flexible nasal…

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  • Disposable caps

    Disposable caps

    TM Polix PRO&MED's medical caps are made of non-woven spunbond and polyethylene materials, are presented in a wide range of…

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  • White coats and gowns

    White coats and gowns

    Disposable gowns of the TM Polix PRO&MED brand are designed to comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards in medical institutions.…

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  • Polyethylene products

    Polyethylene products

    TM Polix PRO & MED's disposable polyethylene product assortment includes the following products: surgical boot covers sleeve-protectors aprons Color range:…

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  • Overalls


    Disposable overalls are available under the TM Polix PRO&MED brand. They are used to comply with sanitary standards, to protect…

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  • Slippers


    Disposable slippers for women and men intended for hotels, saunas and beauty salons are available under PANNI MLADA and TM…

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  • Underwear for spa procedures

    Underwear for spa procedures

    Disposable women's underwear for massage and SPA-procedures under the TM Doily brand provides hygiene and comfort during the procedures. Assortment…

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  • Women’s underwear

    Women’s underwear

    Disposable women's underwear of the TM Doily brand is represented by the following assortment: Models: thong underpants, slip underpants Material:…

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